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pidgin-vibr is a plugin for Pidgin and other applications based on libpurple running on Openmoko's `Neo' series of smartphones.

pidgin-vibr allows the Neo's vibrator to be used to notify the user of various IM events (such as incoming messages, buddy-signon, etc.); it does this via the freesmartphone.org D-Bus API.

You can find the latest source release of pidgin-vibr here, as well as a Bazaar revision-control archive.

If you'd like to hack on the the code, you can make a Bazaar branch, e.g.:

bzr branch http://www.rozzin.com/pidgin-vibr/pidgin-vibr-dev

Note that, if you decide to use the code directly from the bzr repository, you'll need to have the GNU Autotools suite (Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool) installed, as well as pkg-config; and you'll have to initialise the Autotools infrastructure before you'll be able to build, e.g.:

autoreconf --install --verbose --symlink

Either way, patches, bug-reports, questions, and other feedback are welcomed!