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Sat, 12 Nov 2016

01:38: Remembering my Grandfather's Memories

On 2008-06-08, I wrote:

We celebrated my grandfather's 100th birthday with him and the rest of the family, this weekend.

Pam just found the photographs that he took after liberating the Dachau concentration-camp: they're in the Israeli Holocaust Memorial, which is online at Unfortunately, I can't link to them, because us using some sort of session-cookie system....

Today was Veteran's Day, 8 years later--time to remember people like my grandfather; especially now that he's no longer here to tell the stories himself (not that he ever really wanted to).

It looks like may actually have fixed their problem at some point in the intervening years--or at least lessened it; even if the links no longer expire, their URLs are still pretty close to impossible to actually capture and convey to anyone....

Considering the purpose of something like Yad Vashem, it seems just about unconscionable that whoever was presumably hired to build it actually built it the way they did: actually made it hard to direct people to it, made it a memorial that's hard to commit to memory. At the very least, someone seriously screwed up.

In case the the the link into is still fragile, I've pulled down the dozen photographs and republished them in a more usable--and more conveyable--gallery on my website: