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Sat, 11 Jul 2009

22:04: Tommy Chong and the Evil Bong(!?)

Oh my.

My brother went to the video-store and brought back a recent addition to Tommy Chong's filmography, produced by Full Moon Features (that says something, right there, doesn't it?): `Evil Bong'.


Sat, 28 Jun 2008

00:38: Wall-E

We saw Wall-E, tonight, and it's amazing: I now have a clear and profound comprehension of why cats chase laser-pointers, and how and why my wife can look at my googley-eyed while I'm working-on or explaining something Important.

The whole `it's robots' thing lends to some wonderful brechtian moments, but the characters are so remarkably emotive (with a 3-word vocabulary!) that it's impossible to avoid identifying with them at other times, and the whole thing is remarkably stimulating both emotionally and intellectually. It's uplifting, and terrifying, and charming, an enlightening. It's the greatest love-story ever told, with the accidental messiah courting Sleeping Beauty, and a trip through the wonder of childhood to remind us how amazing and wonderful the every-day mechanics of reality are.