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Sun, 02 Nov 2008

20:25: VisualIDs Visualisation

I've started hacking on an editor-application for the VisualID glyphs:

All of the parameters of a VisualID glyph can be adjusted dynamically with real-time feedback. Ultimately, this should become something that end users could utilise to tune their VisualIDs experience to their liking; but something like this can also be extremely useful as an exploratory design-tool for me, to help visualise the implications of choices that that I make in code. I can play with with parameters and see, for example, how well the 2:1 line-to-border ratio actually works in a variety of situations. I can look for trends, and I can even instrument the system to help me spot the trends. Then I can improve the algorithms.

In the hands of an end user, the editor could obviously assist on a case-by-case basis (e.g.: `Oh--I don't like that, maybe if I tweak it like this...'), but repeated use of the editor could also actually teach the system to better match the user's aesthetics in future glyph-generation by logging the user's edits to a statistical database. Well, maybe.

As it stands right now, the editor... needs some work before I post the code (it's pretty rough, right now), but here are some preliminary screenshots--the following images show a single VisualID producer being reparameterised several different ways: