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Sat, 26 Oct 2013

15:54: Office Posters of the Robot Revolution.

There's a great little retro/novelty mail-order shop near me called "". Poking around there one day, I found a cute "OBEY robot" `propaganda' poster for $7. I work at a robotics company, developing what everyone seems obligated to tell us are the future overlords of the robot revolution; of course I had to get one to put up at the office.

The poster came rolled into a tight tube, so I took it into the office, unrolled it, laid it face-down on an empty section of a teammate's desk to wait for the paper to relax while I figured out where I should actually hang the thing..., and promptly forgot about it.

But that was OK: apparently I didn't actually need to figure out where it should go, because that would figure itself out....

About two months later, said teammate noticed that there was a poster (still) sitting on his desk (confirming that it's easy to forget about stray pieces of paper when you're distracted by hordes of future-overlords running around the office) and decided to hang it up covering our group's whiteboard--where we have our daily stand-ups. Some minor hilarity ensued when everyone showed up later, and then someone else promptly moved it into the kitchen--onto the front of the refrigerator--to share the amusement with everyone else. To our disappointment, though not to our surprise, that move was received with little to no noticeable commotion.

However, a few days later..., another (smaller) poster appeared laid over the "OBEY" poster: a poster from the RESISTANCE movement.